Robotic WAAM System

Print Area

1000mm in diameter, 1500mm in height

Robot System

ABB 1520ID + ABB IRBP A250

Heat Source

Lincoln Electric Aspect 300 AC/DC

Inert Gas



ABB RobotStudio + In-house developed codes

Low buy-to-fly ratıo

Near net shape manufacturing
Machining 10-40:1 BTF
WAAM 1.5-5:1 BTF

desıgn for addıtıve manufacturıng

Cutting edge design tools (topology optimization, lattice structure) 

Spare part

On site part manufacturing when needed

low costs

Lower setup and consumable costs


As an innovative additive manufacturing company for metals, AlloyAdditive can serve customer’s needs and parts made with alloys in the material table. Those alloys fulfil the needs that are required in defence, aerospace, energy, and oil-gas industries by quick solidification during printing process which leads to refined grain formation in the microstructure and yields to higher strength values.

Stainless Steel

304, 308, 316L, 17-4PH, 422


625, 718


4043, 5356, 2219


Ti6Al4V Grade5