Alloy Additive Technologies aims to produce perfect designs without limits. Large scale parts (1meter in diameter 1.5 meter in height) manufacturing via 3D metal printers with capability of printing variation of alloys (Stainless Steel, Ti64, Inconel625, Aluminium alloys).

Wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) is the method that used in AlloyAdditive.

Alloy Additive participated KWORKS’20 Campus Deep Technology Programme.

In 2020, TÜBİTAK “The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey” awarded Alloy Additive with seed capital in 1512 Techno-Entrepreneurship Support Program.

In 2021, Alloy Additive moved its office to Cube Incubation in TEKNOPARK ISTANBUL.

In July 2021, Alloy Additive became a member of SAHA İSTANBUL Defence and Aerospace Cluster Association.